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Named after the word “Mosaic”, our restaurant offers a kaleidoscope of mouth watering Lebanese dishes that satisfy all taste buds! With a fabulous terrace view, Mosaic Restaurant, is the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.



Restaurant and Catering Services in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is full of some of the nicest experiences in the world, and the food is no different. Mosaic Restaurant recognizes that people expect the best in Abu Dhabi, so that’s what we offer. Our Lebanese food is award-winning and delicious. Come enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner on our beautiful terrace at the best Lebanese restaurant around.

Our Story and Our Food

Our head chef and her husband opened Mosaic Restaurant in order to offer the United Arab Emirates genuine, special Lebanese food. To accomplish this goal, we only use fresh meat in the kitchen because we don’t believe in frozen meat. The other ingredients utilized in our dishes are brought in fresh from Lebanon to give you the most authentic flavor possible.

We offer everything from simple soups and all sorts of salads to all different types of appetizers, both hot and cold. And, of course, we have a large selection of grilled fare, such as skewers, lamb rubs, chicken, and kafta. Check out our menu to see our full range of delicious foods.

Our Other Services

We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to find time to come and sit down at a restaurant. That’s why Mosaic Restaurant offers our catering service. We offer specialized event catering for any parties or gatherings you need. If you want high-class, mouth-watering Lebanese food at your next event, look no further than us.

Give us a call at +972 2 622 0909 or fill out our contact form to reserve your table or to ask any questions you may have.  We’re excited to see you come in.


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Our Menu

Experience the best of Lebanese casual dining as you enjoy our signature dishes at the award-winning restaurant, Mosaic. We do not settle for anything less than offering you best Lebanese food you had in your life!

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Mosaic Catering Specializes in event catering to give you a personalized service and first-class Lebanese cuisine with emphasis on taste, style, and flexibility.